Wine Roads Of Greece

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Wine Roads Of Greece

This one’s for the adults! Come with us to discover the wine trails and tasting rooms of Greece’s own equivalent to Napa Valley. This private tour includes tastings several wineries, lunch at another, and a full VIP walk through a vineyard with a real Greek vintner to show you behind the scenes of some of the best wine this side of the alps!


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A Day in Greek Wine Country. Come with us to discover the wine trails and tasting rooms of Greece’s very own Napa Valley. Our private winery tour includes visits to three or four wineries with tastings and lunch, or enhance your experience with a VIP vineyard stroll with the vintner, followed by a gourmet lunch in one of our favorite family owned vineyards’ private dining room.

In ancient lore, Nemea was famous as the home of the mythological Nemean Lion, killed by Hercules as the first of his twelve labors. Now, however, Nemea is best known as one of Greece’s premier wine growing regions–a different kind of dangerous! On our wine road tour, you’ll walk along Nemea’s specially designated “wine roads” and visit three different wineries in the heartland of Greece’s vineyard country.

Trip Itinerary

9:00 AM - Pickup from Apartment
This is a full-day tour, so your licensed guide will come pick you up from your accommodations at the prescribed time in the morning.
The Drive
The route to the Nemean Wine region almost makes the trip worth it by itself. A scenic drive across the northern coast of the Saronic gulf and across the Corinth Canal into the Argoloid, the journey to your first stop is roughly an hour and a half, not too long, yet still plenty of time to build up an appetite for some grapes!
Winery Stops 1 & 2
There are dozens of wineries in the Nemea region, so there is no lack of options for your wine day! The first two stops of this tour entail standard tastings at two select Nemea wineries. The nature of the agiorgitiko grape, unique to Greece and noted for its thick skin and small fruit, means that Nemean wine is often known for being a rich and full red, but variations in the landscape (and the preferences of individual winemakers) will also give you a healthy dose of diversity on your tasting palate.
Winery Stop 3
Your third and final winery stop is an entire tour experience. Not only will you get to taste the product, the vintner themself will make an appearance to show you face to face how the product is made! Walk through the vines, taste the grapes, and see the step by step process that turns a grapevine into the bottle you see on your dinner table.
Finally, get some rest and relaxation in your air-conditioned vehicle as you return to Athens for the evening and contemplate your fruitful day.

Additional Info

  • Driver in Air-Conditioned Vehicle
  • Winery Lunch
  • Tasting Stops at 3 Separate Vineyards
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September 2020
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