Temple Of Poseidon & Cape Sounion

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Temple Of Poseidon & Cape Sounion

If you’re looking for something near Athens that won’t take up your whole day, try our trip to the Temple of Poseidon at Cape Sounion. The temple itself is only a part of the spectacle — between the marvelous drive down the coast and a sublime sunset dinner afterwards, there are more than enough memories to be made in one afternoon.


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One of the most spectacular combinations of scenery and substance in all of Greece, a trip to Cape Sounion to see the Temple of Poseidon is much, much more than a day trip to see some ruins — the entire trip is a start-to-finish experience with beauty, awe, and everything in between. The attraction starts with the drive itself, which is absolutely breathtaking, followed by an exploration of one of Greece’s most sublime and picturesque historical sites, leaving plenty of time for a relaxing nearby dinner before heading home for the night. Led by an experienced, English-speaking guide, this day trip one will be one that sticks in your mind as clearly as the sensational photos you’ll look back on.

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Trip Itinerary

Pickup from Apartment - Start your Day
This is an afternoon trip, so your driver will pick you up after plenty of time to explore Athens in the morning, if you so desire.
Coastal Drive - The fun is in the journey
While the process of getting to your average day-trip tour by bus or taxi is often a drag, the drive with us down to Cape Sounion is a spectacle in and of itself! The trip starts with a sojourn through the south suburbs of Athens, taking you past chic beaches and coastal streets lined with bustling bars and megaclubs. Before long, though, the population thins out, and the busy pubs turn into quiet, scenic beach hideouts and local fish tavernas. Finally, at the southern end of the Attic peninsula, the setting can change from gorgeous to exciting (and back again!) as the road hugs the mountainside for a spectacular view down the cliffside and across the sea.
Temple of Poseidon - A true cliffhanger
All this drama is but a prelude to the Temple of Poseidon itself, which comes into full view at the southernmost tip of Attica. We find this temple named for the great sea god (second in importance only to Zeus in the eyes of the seafaring Greeks) perched high above the waves of the Aegean Sea, so named for the mythical King Aegeus, who according to myth plunged to his death from the cliffs of Sounion in the mistaken belief that his son Theseus had perished in battle against the legendary Minotaur of Crete. Built by Pericles, the Athenian general and statesman also responsible for the Parthenon, the temple itself is a marvel of golden-age Greek architecture that should be on the to-do list of anyone looking for a real ancient experience.
Dinner - and a sublime sunset
Perhaps the coolest and most underrated part of this afternoon trip is its timing – few things in the natural world can rival the Greek sunset over the Cape Sounion. Whether you want to witness the incredible glow of fading daylight from the Temple itself, or from any number of sea and beachside restaurants and tavernas below, it will be an unforgettable way to cap off your trip before heading home for the night.

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  • Round trip transfers
  • Private driver in air conditioned vehicle
  • Coffee or tea break en route
  • Chilled bottled water
  • Entrance fees to the site
  • Guide (We can arrange for one if you wish)
  • Lunch or dinner (We recomend dinner at Kalyvia, for great selection of grilled meats, only as Greeks know how to grill.)
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September 2020
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