Market Tour with Lunch

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Market Tour with Lunch

This incredible tour is a walking feast through the Athenian market district, from breakfast through lunch. You won’t find anything else quite like this – explore the food of the city like a true local. In addition to the main meals, samples and stops include Greek cheese, olive oil, grapes from a traditional vintner, and many, many more!


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This private tour, personally designed by your friends at Real Greece , takes you on a leisurely walk through all of Greece’s many flavors and scents. Without fail, it is a guest favorite. Ever wonder how the Greeks create those fine sheets of light, magical filo dough used to wrap so many of their foods? Now you can find out, while sampling an excellent sweet and savory mid-morning Greek breakfast before embarking on your tour. It takes you on winding journey through the maze of streets in the Athens central market district — stopping, of course, along the way to taste a variety of food products freshly in from the rest of Greece.

You’ll have the chance to do an authentic Greek olive oil taste test, visit some of the city’s oldest traditional spice shops, sausage and cheese mongers, as well as an appointment at an authentic Greek vintner’s wine shop, where you can sample a variety of grape products unique to Greece. We’ll take a break in our favorite hidden koutouki, or, as you might say in english, “joint” — Eleni’s restaurant, which attracts plenty of business and market people, with nary a tourist in sight. Just a few steps off of busy Athenas street, you’ll only find it while escorted by one of our people. You might say lunch at Eleni’s is your special reward for taking this tour. After lunch, you’ll have the option of continuing on your own, or being escorted back to your Athenian apartments by your choice of route. After all, it is your tour!

Trip Itinerary

Breakfast - Start the day like a champion
Your guide will meet you at your place of accommodation, and your day starts with a delicious traditional breakfast to start your day. In true European fashion, this meal is light, sweet, and savory, so you’ll have plenty of room for the rest of this awesome foodie tour!
Central Market District - Take your taste buds for a walk
The true bread and butter of this tour, so to speak, is your guided winding path through the Athens market district, where you can stop to sample any number of the day’s fresh offerings, plus pre-scheduled stops for wine, dough, olive oil, and more!
Lunch - Nothing Better than the Real Thing
All this sampling builds up towards a real lunch at Eleni’s, our favorite authentic Greek hole-in-the-wall. Here, you’ll find all sorts of varieties of Athenian life — except for the tourists!
Return - The choice is yours
After lunch, you have the option to either continue on your own, or be escorted back to your accommodation (or somewhere else, if you’d like!) by our guide. The choice is yours!

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September 2020
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