Flavors of the Greek Kitchen

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Flavors of the Greek Kitchen

Want a souvenir from your trip that will never get old, broken, or lost? Sign up for our private cooking class,  and return home full of culinary secrets that will keep this trip with you forever! This private cooking class, specifically created by Carole and Basil, takes place in your kitchen. We'll guide your group through preparing a fabulous 5 course Greek feast, while sampling and tasting a variety of Greek olives, cheese and wine. A typical meal will include a traditional Greek salad, a dip like tzatziki or spicy cheese spread (tirokafteri), a roasted veggie spread like melanzanosalata, along with a main course dish like the surprisingly simple yet very impressive kilbasti (lamb baked in parchment paper) or the more traditional Greek chicken and oven baked potatoes. And of course, you'll also have a chance to learn to wrap - since no Greek cooking lesson is complete without a pita course 🙂 And finally, to end your meal, dessert might be the ubiquitous baklava or a seasonal cake like portokalopita.


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Come for the hospitality, stay for the food, am I right? Photos and mementos of your Greek vacation may last forever, but sadly, the incredible food is something that usually must be left behind. You can change that with our private Greek cooking lesson! This experience will give you a little slice of authentic Greek culinary know-how to carry with you long after your vacation has ended. Over the course of  several hours, you'll get guided, face to face preparation of a fabulous five course Greek feast, all while sampling and tasting a variety of Greek olives, cheeses, and beverages. One of the most satisfying and rewarding experiences we offer, this lesson will guide you hands-on through the creation of a full, traditional Greek meal, lunch or dinner, including appetizers, main courses, and dessert. Not to mention the wine! Like most everything in authentic Greek cuisine, the menu of the day is seasonal--with vegetarian options available, of course--but as an example, your five-course meal might include some of the following: Stuffed Grape Leaves: the perfect appetizer, learn how to wrap these soft leafy greens around a tantalizing blend of veggies, grains, and spices. Tiropita: Always a favorite, layer cheese and filo dough as only the Greeks can to produce this savory baked treat. Greek Salad: Sometimes simple is better--discover the perfect combination of veggies and oils for a refreshing, healthy snack. Lamb: A surprisingly simple Greek specialty, you'll have difficulty finding any equivalent to baked lamb wrapped in parchment paper in American stores. Dips: Once you learn the right blend of veggies, salts, spices, and other flavors for a yogurt-based dip like Tzatziki or a spicy cheese spread called Tirokafteri, your hors d'oeuvers at home will never be the same. Baklava: the quintessential blend of east and west in Greek sweets, a dessert like this pastry might be the perfect way to top off your day of Greek foodie indulgence!

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September 2020
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