Delphi Day Trip

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Delphi Day Trip

Second only to the Acropolis of Athens itself, Delphi is one of the most popular and most important sites in all of Greece. See for yourself the spot where hundreds of years of advice-seekers, from kings to slaves, came to consult the Priestess of Apollo, perhaps the most powerful (and closest to the Gods) woman in the ancient world. Who knows, maybe you yourself will catch a whiff of whatever is was that brought these women so near to the divine!

Historic Landmarks

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Fully Narrated Tour

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Delphi, called the “belly button” of the world by the ancients due to their belief that Delphi lay at its true center, is one of our most popular tour requests. But a trip to Delphi is really so much more. With us, your visit to the Oracle can include not only an appointment with the world’s oldest fortune teller, but stops en route or en return at the Daphni and Osios Loukas Monasteries, both world-renowned UNESCO Heritage sites. The ride itself is easy on the eyes: the mountains of Sterea Ellada (literally, Central Greece) provide some of the most beautiful landscape Greece has to offer, and the trip includes a stopover at Arachova, a lovely village in the middle of the mountains.

Trip Itinerary

Pickup - Start your Delphi Day
Our licensed driver and guide will arrange to pick you up at your place of accommodation
Delphi - Center of the Greek World
The sanctuary at Delphi is one of the most famous historical sites in all of Greece, and was one of the most important locations in the entire ancient world. Located on the slopes of Mt. Parnassos (legendary home of the nine muses), the temple and sanctuary to Apollo is just one part of this huge site. Here, one might also walk through the Tholos, dedicated to Athena, and possibly one of the most beautiful temple sites in all of Greece. Other points of interest might be the Treasury of Athens, built to commemorate the famous Greek victory at Marathon over Darius I’s Persian Empire, a classical gymnasium, a well-preserved 5,000 seat theater, and the Delphi Archaeological Museum, one of the finest collections of art, monuments, and relics in the entire country.
Daphni Monastery - (Optional)
If one so desires, the route back may commence with a stop at the Daphni Monastery. A UNESCO World Heritage site, this 11th century Byzantine church complex is merely the most recent iteration of a site which had been used for thousands of years of worship. Famous for its beautiful mosaics, this is a must-see for anybody with an appreciation of art, medieval or otherwise.
Hosios Loukas - Time to get Byzantine
The next monastery stop, Hosios Loukas, is another UNESCO site and one of the oldest and best-preserved Byzantine monasteries in the entire world. Hosting the relics of St. Luke (for whom the complex is named), the majority of the site’s art and architecture remains intact to this day. The intricate patterns carved into the walls and mosaics and frescoes depicting many saints and iconic early Christian figures are incredible, and considered to be the pinnacle of middle-age Byzantine art. It continues to maintain an active monastic community, and is easily one of the most beautiful and underrated historical sites in all of Greece.
Arahova - Just a little cheesy
Lastly, your day-trip will bring you back to modernity with a stop at Arahova (also called Arachova Parnassos), a picturesque village of less than 3,000 people on the slopes of Sterea Ellada’s mountains. There is no better conclusion to a long day of sightseeing than a relaxing stroll through Arahova’s cobblestone streets, looking out down the slopes of Mt. Parnassos, perhaps stopping in a local shop for a taste of fried formaela, a kind of cheese famous throughout the country, but exclusively produced in Arahova.

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