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All About the Acropolis Museum & Historic Center!

This full day private Athens walking tour takes you on a journey through the heart and soul of ancient Athenian life: the Acropolis and the Ancient Agora. Beginning at the Acropolis Museum, your private licensed archeological guide will take you through all there is to see in the center of classical Greece, some of the world’s most important ancient locales, and some of the best archaeological sites and museums in the entire world


Starting with a walkthrough and coffee break at the Acropolis Museum, this tour takes you through some of the most famous and important archaeological and historical sites and artifacts in the world.
The Acropolis itself is truly a sight to behold: dominated by the Parthenon, perhaps the architectural pinnacle of the entire classical world.
You travel through space as well as through time when you visit the ancient Agora of Athens, the true center of business and political life in the ancient world.
This is where the magic happens.
Your guide will help your imagination travel back into time and see the merchants, the politicians, the orators, the skilled workers… You will experience all there is to see in the epicenter of ancient Greek life, religion, and culture in a full day exploring what you’re really here to see

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Meet Guide
This is a full day tour, so our licensed guide will meet you in the morning at your place of accommodation before embarking on your day of history and adventure.
Acropolis Museum - Meet at the Owl
The first destination on this tour is the brand-new Acropolis Museum. Less than a decade old, this archaeological museum, just recently named by TripAdvisor as the 8th best in the entire world, houses thousands upon thousands of artifacts recovered from the nearby Acropolis and its surrounding areas.Before you climb to the top of the citadel itself, a walk through the museum is a fascinating peek into the history of what you will find up there.The building itself is a sight to behold, a dazzling work of modern architecture fitting neatly into some of the world’s oldest, and the interior is nothing less, including a live look into some of the still-active excavation sites in the ground the museum is built upon.Price of admission not included, nor is that of the Acropolis sites. Purchasing an Acropolis & Sites joint ticket is highly recommended. 
Coffee Break - Start your Engines
Before the ascent to the Acropolis, which is an adventure in and of itself (the Greek Akrópolis means, literally, “highest city”), you can stop for an excellent Greek coffee (with a snack, should you so desire!) to boost your energy for the exciting outdoor trek that is the rest of your tour. 
Outside the Walls - Scout the Perimeter
Before you enter the gates of the Acropolis proper, you’ll get a good look around some of the fascinating structures on the periphery. In particular, you’ll see two theater buildings that’ll bring to life thousands of years of Greek entertainment culture. The theater of Dionsysus, which held up to 17,000 rowdy Athenians in its heyday, stands at the foot of the Acropolis hill. It is the site of the oldest known theater structure in the world, though some what one sees today is a slightly less ancient renovation carried out by the Romans. Next, further up the slopes, one finds the “Odeon” of Herodes Atticus, a 5,000 seat structure completely restored in the 1950s, and which still holds live performances to this very day!
Enter the Acropolis - The Parthenon & Beyond
Though the famed Parthenon, dating to the 5th century BCE and without a doubt the most monumental ancient building in the entire Greek world, is the principal attraction of the Acropolis, the rest of the site is so filled with wonders that you could spend a whole day there without coming near to the end!Starting with the Propylaea, the majestic columned gateway to the entire complex, the other attractions you’ll see here include the Erechtheion, a temple to Athena and Poseidon famous for its quirky design and use of carved statues as columns, the Temple to Athena Nike, a beautifully preserved temple to the Greek goddess of victory, before moving on to the main attraction, the Parthenon itself!
Ancient Agora - Mall of the Ancients
After ample time exploring the world’s most famous temple, it’s time to head back down the slopes for a look around the Ancient Agora of Athens. This was what amounted to the central plaza of ancient Athens, the center of civic and political life, with an impressive collection of excavations and ruins to match. You’ll certainly want to check out the Temple of Hephaestus, a temple (and, for more than a thousand years, Greek Orthodox church) so excellently preserved you can hardly tell it’s nearly 2,500 years old. Deep in the heart of the ancient city, there are few Greek experiences quite like strolling around this ancient meeting ground, imagining the bustling marketplaces, grandstanding politicians, and worshipping devotees all around, making up the heart and soul of Europe’s first great city.
Return Home
After a long day’s walk around the core of ancient Athens, your guide will direct you to wherever you feel like spending the rest of your evening, whether that’s a place to eat, shop, or just a scenic, leisurely walk back to your apartment.

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  • Expert guide
  • A guaranteed great time

Price of tour does not include the following price of admission to sites:

  • Acropolis and Slopes: €20 for Adults, €10 Reduced (EU citizens over 65 and all university students with ID are eligible). Children under 18 are free.
  • Acropolis Museum: €5
  • Acropolis and Sites Joint Ticket: €30 for Adults, €15 Reduced. Includes admission to the Acropolis and Slopes in addition to the following Athenian sites:
    • Ancient Agora
    • Archaeological Museum of Kerameikos
    • Museum of the Ancient Agora
    • Archaeological Museum of Lykeion
    • Hadrian’s Library
    • Temple of Olympian Zeus
    • Roman Agora of Athens


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September 2020
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