Everyone knows how important of a part religion and the gods played in the lives of the ancient Greeks. What you may not know is that the gods of Mt. Olympus weren’t the only ones involved! In the 4th Century BCE, when Alexander the Great returned from his conquest of Egypt, he brought back their gods them. In fact, cults of Isis, who was often correlated with the goddess Demeter (or Ceres, in the Roman Pantheon), often found great popularity throughout the Greco-Roman world in the subsequent centuries.

That explains why one can find, just a short distance past the town of Nea Makri, a collection of statues of Isis and Osiris, next to the foundations of an ancient pyramid! It turns out that Herodes Atticus, 1st Century CE aristocrat, politician, diplomat, and personal friend of Roman Emperor Hadrian, had a bit of a thing for the Egyptians. And so we have this site, an intriguing but sparsely visited destination just a short distance from Marathon, Athens, and a number of other sites. Here you can find numerous other ruins of Roman origin, and many of the objects found at the site can be found at the nearby Marathon Archaeological Museum.