Greek: Ραμνούντα (ram-noo-da)

The outlying areas surrounding Athens are filled to the brim with so many incredible sites and adventures that it can seem like some of them fall through the cracks. As far as tourism goes, Rhamnous doesn’t get nearly the attention it deserves—not a bad thing, for our purposes!

Ancient Rhamous was one of 139 Athenian demes, which might be called the first modern suburbs or subdivisions. Beautifully situated overlooking the straights between the mainland the island of Euboea, it was an important port town, especially during the decades of war between the Greeks and Persians. So much of it is preserved that walking amongst the ruins, one can easily imagine ancient life on the Attica coast, from the theater to collecting water from the cisterns!

For the grudge-holders among us, Rhamnous might be the perfect day trip: it boasts the ruins to the Temple of Nemesis, the Goddess of Revenge, as one of its most foremost sites. Overall, though, one can spend hours wandering from the outskirts of the ancient city through the middle of its perfectly preserved urban layout without finding everything amazing that there is to find. However, if you’re a little short on time, Rhamnous lies just a couple kilometers south of Marathon—a trip combining the two sites comes highly recommended.

A visit to Brauron, Rhamnous, or Marathon can also be adjusted to include a trip to one of the many local wineries and vineyards that dot the Attica countryside!