Athens Tours

(PH) Want a unique, fulfilling Greek experience, but don’t want to leave Athens? These tours might be for you – check out these day trips, all within the walls of the city!

This incredible tour is a walking feast through the Athenian market district, from breakfast through lunch. You won’t find anything else quite like this – explore the food of the city like a true local. In addition to the main meals, samples and stops include Greek cheese, olive oil, grapes from a traditional vintner, and many, many more!

Everyone knows that Athens is famous for its ancient structures, but few realize that the city has a fascinating architectural history continuing far beyond the Ancients. This half day (4 hour) tour will take you through the history of Athens through its astounding urban landscape.

Right under your nose! This quiet tour through the Old City and historic Plaka neighborhood takes you just a little bit off the beaten path. A treasure trove for the historically inclined, you will be guided through places rarely explored by tourists, concluding with a wine and meze picnic.

The City Bike Tour, which takes you through the historic archaeological park zone (no cars allowed!), is a great way to get an afternoon overview of the city. Bike Tours are open to all over the age of 12, and accessible to anybody who knows how to ride a bike!

These tours, available in full or half day versions, will take you through the centerpiece of historic Athens: the Acropolis. But there’s more: this trip through the sites of the historic city can also include visits to the Agora, the Greek Parliament, the National Gardens, and many more. Customized to your desire, the options on this tour are endless!

For the adults! This tour includes a gourmet lunch and an exploration of three or more wineries in Greece’s own version of Napa Valley.