Greek: Επίδαυρος (Epi-dav-ros)

Birthplace of the hospital! Epidaurus was reputed to be the birthplace of Asklepios, son of Apollo, better known as the first doctor. The archaeological museum at Epidaurus is located on the site of the ancient Temple to Asklepios, where the ill would take sanctuary and pray to their God of healing. It was the model for countless other Asklepeii (healing centers, in a sense, the first hospitals!) across ancient Greece.

The real attraction of Epidaurus and the sanctuary of Asklepios is its ancient theater, dating to the 4th Century BCE. The theater, which could hold up to 14,000 people at peak capacity, is so well preserved that it is still used for performances today! There is no feeling quite like hearing your voice boom and echo out into the distance from the same stage as the contemporaries of Sophocles and Aristophanes, the most legendary figures of Greek theater. Located on the Argolid peninsula, Epidaurus is a short drive away from Athens and several other sites, and is easily incorporated into most day trips in the areas surrounding Athens.