Many people ask us about visiting an island or two during their stay

The Three Island Cruise runs between 3 very different Saronic islands. The first stop, chic & trendy Hydra is a favorite weekend escape of jet setting Athenians, and artists from around the world have been drawn to the island for its spectacular light and quiet, car free living.  Here you’ll have a chance to wander the maze of narrow pedestrian paths in the harbor, perhaps stopping in some of the island’s many art galleries and boutiques. Walkers may also want to explore the island’s winding network of walking paths.

Temple of Aphaia

Poros, is a lush, green pine scented island narrowly detached from the Peloponnese to the West.  The most untouched by the tourism, Poros is a calm, tranquil destination on the back end of a busy excursion– a chance to see life as it is on hundreds of small Greek islands throughout the Mediterranean. 

Port and Town at Hydra

The third island, Aegina, with its lively fish market, miles of pistachio groves, and year round population, is best known for its majestic 5th century temple of the Goddess Aphaia, built on a mountaintop with a dramatic vista overlooking the entire gulf and the impressive Byzantine monastery of St. Nectarios.

The cost is regularly $120/person, but we have negotiated a special offer for our guests of $99/per person ($65/children 6-12, 5 and under $15/child)

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Sunset at Poros

The price includes your round trip transportation between the apartment and the harbor, a Greek lunch buffet with live music, and Greek dancing (drinks on board are extra).  This is a terrific way to experience a condensed, mini Greek cruise, and our guests really love the experience of moving between the islands on a large and elegant yacht, while also having the chance to experience three very different beautiful Saronic gulf islands.  Additionally, there are optional on land excursions you can take while on Aegina: to the aforementioned monastery of St. Nectarios, and the Temple of Aphaia. You won’t find anything like it anywhere else!

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Children (Age 6-12)
Children (Age 5 and Under)