If You're Looking For A Full Day Trip,

highly recommend Argolida, where you can visit Ancient Corinth (just an hour from the city) and then Nafplion, a beautiful town about 2 hours from Athens an in close proximity to Ancient Epidavros, Mycenae, and  Ancient Nemea.

Ancient Corinth

You can have lunch either in Nafplion or in Nea Kios, a nearby fishing village that looks out across the water at Nafplion.  This is my favorite spot for lunch (but note, to avoid sticker shock, that fresh whole fish can be pricey, so if you go, you’ll have the price for the whole fish that you pick, not the per kilo price), and I find it is generally tourist free, although it is a popular spot for native Athenians, as is Nafplion.


Of course, you can’t fit in all of the above in one day, so I recommend using the links to read a bit and see what appeals to you.  For example, the last time I did this, in the fall with my parents and some of their friends, we stopped at the Corinth Canal for a coffee and a quick photo (though sadly, no one wanted to bungie jump into the canal), followed by a visit to Ancient Corinth, a winery stop, and a very quick visit to Mycenae, wrapping up with lunch, dessert, and coffee in Nea Kios, and an hour or so wandering the old town in Nafplion.

The cost of this day trip is a flat rate of $350 total for up to 4 people, $450 for 5 – 8 people, $500 for 9 – 12 people, $525 for 13 – 16 people. Cost of food and admission to sites not included.

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Lunch at Nea Kios