Greek: Κόρινθος (core-in-thoss)

Just an hour outside of Athens, Ancient Corinth is one of the historically rich sites in all of Greece. En route, cross or even bungee jump from the famous Corinth Canal, cutting through the narrow isthmus connecting the Greek mainland to the Peloponnese peninsula. This is an important historical boundary, as it in ancient times served to separate the frequently warring ancient Ionians and Peloponnesians.

Corinth was one of the most important city-states of the Classical Greek world. It is nearly, 3000 years old, dating to the 8th Century BCE, and is particularly interesting as one of the best and most completely excavated cities of its time. The Acrocorinth, the high-seated acropolis of the ancient city, offers an incredible view over water and land, and where one can find remnants not only of the ancient Greeks, but also of the Byzantine, Frankish, Venetian, and Ottoman civilizations that later occupied it. One can also find the agora of the ancient city, as well as the sites of ancient temples to Poseidon and Apollo.

Below: Temple of Apollo                            Right: Corinth Canal

See not only the place were St. Paul the Apostle spent nearly two years preaching, but some of the most well-excavated sites in all of Greece, beautiful beaches and coastlines, all customized to your preferences. It is your tour, after all! Located in close proximity to beautiful vineyards and the cities/sites of Nafplion, Epivadros, Mycenae, and Nffemea, a visit to any of these in conjunction with ancient Corinth comes highly recommended.