Greek: Βραυρώνα (vrah-vro-nah)

Legend holds that prior to his departure for the Trojan War, Mycenaean King Agamemnon greatly angered the Goddess Artemis by hunting an animal sacred to her. As a result, she would not allow Agamemnon and his army the favorable winds they needed to sail for Troy. Unless, of course, he were to offer his eldest daughter Iphigenia as a sacrifice. While the myth unfolds from here in several different ways, many agree that at the last second, the Goddess took mercy, and spirited away Iphigenia to… Brauron!

Thanks to this legend, Brauron was home to one of the largest and most famous cults of Artemis in the ancient world. Many of the ancient columns outlining the oldest known Temple to Artemis on the site still stand today, roughly 2600 years later. This sanctuary to the Goddess was one of the largest in ancient Greece, and much of it survives in ruins to this day, making for hours of wandering and site seeing. This is especially true when you include a visit to the local archaeological museum, which houses an extensive cultural history of this fascinating site.

A visit to Brauron, Rhamnous, or Marathon can also be adjusted to include a trip to one of the many local wineries and vineyards that dot the Attica countryside!