Get Off The Beaten Path!

Check out our two bike route tours, both four hours long, leisurely and easily doable by anyone who can ride a bike.

Coastal Route

The Coastal Route* takes you down Athens’ Southern coast and ends at the beach – be sure to bring your swim suit! En route you’ll visit the once mighty Averof, now a naval museum, the chic Flisvos Marina, home to some of the swankest yachts in Athens, and you’ll finish it all off with a visit to a seaside taverna.

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City Route

The City Route takes you on a journey back in time through the car-free archaeological park zone. It’s a great way to get an overview of everything before you conquer the sites close up, and a fun way to review everything that you’ve seen already.

Cost of this tour is $57.50 per person. Open to all children ages 12 or older. Minimum booking $145.
*Coastal Route Not Available Mid-June Through August

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