Greek: Άργος (ar-gos)

Roughly an hour and a half’s drive from Athens, Argos is one of the oldest cities in the entire world, having been inhabited by humans for as long as 7000 years. Though it is a modern city of 20,000 or so, there are still a day’s worth of sites to see. Primarily an agricultural city and region, Argos is famous for its citrus fruits and melons. A day trip can be an adventure for the taste buds as much as the eyes!

Modern Argos, seen from the Ancient Theater

The so-called Heraion of Argos, an ancient temple dedicated to the goddess Hera, was the largest such site in the entire region, and, according to legend, where Agamemnon, king of neighboring Mycenae, was chosen to lead the Greek army in the Trojan War. The ancient Larisa Castle, and the monastery just below it, can be found sitting at the top of Mt. Larissa, the highest point in the city, offering a spectacular view of the surrounding plains.

Other destinations might include the ancient Agora and theater, and plenty of more modern buildings and sites from the periods of Venetian and Ottoman rule over the city.