A walking (or eating!) tour with an amazing lunch

So much good food, so little time!

Forget about the tours you may have seen advertised on TripAdvisor, Viator or anywhere else on the internet.  This private tour, designed by your friends at Greek Vacation Rentals, takes you on a walk through all the many flavors of Greece, and is always among our guests’ favorites.  Your mid morning tour begins with a traditional Greek breakfast (minus the cigarettes!). Ever wonder how the Greeks create those fine sheets of magical dough used to wrap so many Greek foods? Now you can find out, before sampling an excellent sweet and savory breakfast before continuing on through the maze of winding streets in the Athens Central market district – stopping, of course, along the way to taste a variety of food products freshly in from the rest of Greece.

Central Market in PrimeTime

You’ll have the chance to do an authentic Greek olive oil taste test, visit some of the city’s oldest & most traditional spice shops, sausage and cheese mongers, as well as a stop at a Greek vitner’s wine shop, where you can sample a variety of grape products unique to Greece. We’ll take a break in our favorite little hidden away “koutouki,” or, as we might call it,“joint” – Eleni’s little restaurant, which attracts plenty of business and market people – but you won’t see any tourists around.  Just steps from busy Athenas street, you’ll only find it while escorted by one of us. Lunch at Eleni’s might be considered your special reward for selecting this tour.  After lunch, you’ll have the option of continuing on your own, or being escorted on your choice of Athens routes back to your apartment (or elsewhere, if you prefer –this is, after all, your tour!).

This is a great way to navigate through the sometimes overwhelming maze of the city’s food market district and to see & explore an area many visitors never see. You won’t find a more unique and personal tour anywhere else in Athens.

Cost of this tour is $57.50 per person. Children age 10 & under are half price. Minimum booking $145.

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Children (Under 10)

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